Closing Announcement

We're Winding Things Down

The Chocolate Kiss cakes were born in a home kitchen. Baking and selling them started out as a hobby for its founders, which became a modest side-business come Christmas time. No one planned for this “side-line” to build its own Commissary, nor grow into a 23-year old Café. How far it has come; how much we’ve experienced!

Now the ride is almost over, and we’re counting down to our last day of selling cakes on June 22.

The past year of navigating through the lockdowns was quite exciting, but sadly, not sustainable, which has prompted us to wind things down…Still selling your favorites up to the last day, and maybe even whipping up a few limited edition and seasonal goodies in the line-up (to finish up our ingredients).

In behalf of everyone who was part of The Chocolate Kiss family, we thank you for making us part of your celebrations, and your lives. We’ve built so many good memories over the years, and we only want to leave you with happy thoughts :)

If you want to order a cake, our website accepts orders with 2 days lead notice.



Is it true? Are you really closing??

Yes, The Chocolate Kiss Cakeshop will be permanently closed effective June 23, 2021. This means our last day of selling cakes is on June 22, 2021.

Is your UP Bahay ng Alumni branch permanently closed?

Yes, The Chocolate Kiss Café - Ang Bahay ng Alumni restaurant will no longer be re-opening even after the community quarantine. It permanently closed effective August 24, 2020. You can read more about the Café’s closure here.

Do you have plans of re-opening?

We are moved by all of your stories, well-wishes, and requests to not close down. For now, however, there are no plans of re-opening.